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This page is all about you and helping you build your filmmaking business!

The focus is on the business and marketing side of indie movie making rather than the creative.  There are thousands of sites that provide you with technical training but few that provide you show you how to get your film distributed and then help people to find that film.


Get the word out about your film

Our primary focus is to get the huge audience of AMAZON PRIME VIDEO subscribers to find Indie productions.  Amazon doesn’t make this easy so we are experimenting with the best methods to get viewers to connect with creators.

Some ways to promote:

  1.  Post an instagram promo of your work to #indiebinge.  We will feature this in our instagram feed that we are building for viewers to find indie content.  Be sure to prominently feature the name of the work.

  2.  Get Your Movie Noticed! We will help promote your work on our weekly email list and twitter blast of Amazing Amazon Indies.  All you have to do is submit your work and email on the form below.  We inform interested Amazon users about the latest Indie content that they should be watching.


Check out our free tutorials designed to help you take control of the business portion of show business.


Building and email list of followers

Why build an email list? It is the best way to communicate directly to those that have stated and interest in your work. You can use it for communication as well as for building advertising lists on Facebook and other social media platforms.

You can even begin to build your email list without a website.

It all begins with a website
It all begins insta

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