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This author & illustrator couple tried to get published for over 10 years now their childeren's book is published in print and digital and selling!

Suze is a inspirational stylist and connected to a much larger audience when she published her first book. She created a new revenue stream and connected with customers internationally.

Write your story, share it with readers and make some money along the way? 

Data from Author's Earnings shows that independent publishing dominates all other forms of publishing today. There are more author's earning $10,00 or more (lifetime earnings) since 2007 then ever have through traditional publishing before AND after 2007.

Every day over $200,000 in books are sold at an average price of $0.99. There has never been a better time in written history for an author to earn money from writing. You too could be earning money from writing, but you need to publish.

Book publishing is bigger more diverse and no longer controlled by the big publishing houses. There is a huge reader base looking for content that wants great stories and connects with an author not a publisher.

Our promise is by the end of the call you will know how to get started on your own and publish for free. We will also share how we can help you if your not comfortable with marketing a book on your own. 


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Common reasons given for not getting published

  • Have you tried the traditional route of getting an agent and a big 5 publishing deal with no results?
  • Did you publish in the past with a traditional publisher and found that most of the profits never went to the publisher?
  • Are you concerned about publishing scams where you end paying thousands and end up with cases of books in your garage that never sell?
  • Have you heard about the money authors are making through self-publishing but don't know where to start?
  • Are you interested in self publishing but don't know how, or don't want to do the marketing work that is required?

arketing work.

All are real issues that we eliminate by providing you a range of options to get your book published. Give us a call and learn more!

If there is a novel inside of you that needs to be published book a call with us now.

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