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Fredrick “Dolly” Williamson is a young detective in the newly formed special crime detection branch at Scotland Yard. When he is called on to investigate the murder of an investment banker, he is reminded of past encounters with the occult and requests help from Rose Caldwell. 

A old flame of Preston Gilchrist is missing. Her father, an Alchemist Guild Master reaches out to Preston for help. Preston and Rose need to untangle the dark secrets of the Alchemist Guild if the young woman is to be saved.

Sister Rose and Dolly finally learn the secrets behind Napoleon's Empire and his unending youth. The Libertines must face the Necronist Seers to set the balance between light and dark right.

The Mechanist JM Bannon

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The Tales of the Seamist: Four Books of Steampunk Romance

Set in the world of the Non-Newtonian Universe the four book series tells the stories of couples as they look for happiness. The men are all tied together by a dark secret from thier past that is revealed as a fifth story woven through the for romances.

The New Saints and Scoundrels of Steampunk Books

Why can’t Rose Sleep? You couldn’t either if you had the recurring dreams that the young Sister Rose has had for years. She began a spiritual quest to quell these dreams at an early age. It compelled her to become a nun, but her Order offers no solution to the nightmares. Then one day after contact with an ancient relic, Rose’s dreams visit her when she is awake. The teenager who will one day be known as the White Witch of London, seeks to hold on to her sanity, as she uncovers what is behind her dreams and the town of Chester’s dark history. More than just another paranormal thriller, this is the beginning of Rose Caldwell’s fight against evil and the first steps on her fantastic journey. You too may suffer sleepless nights like Rose, if you dare pick up this book.

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About the Author

JM Bannon is the author of the Guild Chronicles. When not writing, the time is spent reading or walking the grounds of the sanitarium, where on a clear day you can see all the way to Prague Castle.  

Feel free to reach out by email. All correspondence is reviewed by the staff of the Brookhaven Sanitarium and will be answered by J M Bannon or Doctor Gustav Kreppelin the resident Physician at Brookhaven. Send an email to jmbannon (at)

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